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Q: Am I eligible to apply to the waitlist?

 The C.A.R.E.  Centre will accept potential clients to a Waiting List provided all of the following conditions are met:

  • The Client is over the age of 18 years when applying to the waitlist (Services of C.A.R.E. are for age 21+)

  • The Client has a physical disability

  • The Client does not display aggressive behaviour.

  • The Client can understand & communicate in the English Language.

  • The Client cannot be registered in another School Board programme while attending C.A.R.E.

Q: How can I apply to be put on the waitlist?

  • The Client or their caregiver/parent must complete and submit the waitlist application form, found at (above)

  • The Client & Family/Caregiver must be interviewed by the C.A.R.E. Centre Executive Director.

  • The Client must have a scheduled visit at the C.A.R.E. Centre prior to being accepted on the wait list.

  • Potential Clients must be prepared to pay the annual client fee immediately upon acceptance into the programme.

Q: Am I on the waitlist automatically?

  • No

  • Potential clients are required to reiterate their interest on an annual basis if they have not been accepted into the program due to lack of space. 

  • No client is given priority due to circumstances or connections to current clients of the C.A.R.E. Centre, the staff or the members of the Board.  

  • All applications are placed in order of priority according to their date of receipt by the Executive Director of the C.A.R.E. Centre and their acceptance by the Executive Director, understanding that through this acceptance they have met the criteria listed above along with other considerations in regards to their ability to adapt to the programme.

  • If a potential client is unable to commence the programme when offered, the next client on the list will be approached, and the client who is unable to participate will return to the waiting list in the effort to ensure that the client can be accommodated in the future if possible.

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